Windows 10 Update Issues – Deleting Files

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Early release testing of the Windows 10 October update to version 1809 has identified some serious issues. In certain cases, dependent on the version of the Intel HD Graphics driver, it has been reported that the update has permanently erased all documents not stored in the OneDrive folder. This includes My Documents and any documents stored on the desktop or elsewhere in the user folder. It is also being reported that rolling back to the previous version does not restore these files. 

web-cniWindows 10 Update Issues – Deleting Files
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Easy Password Security

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Many (if not most) business are operating from the cloud in some ways. The benefits of cloud computing are great and are mobilizing a work force and revolutionizing IT. The downside to the erosion of the traditional IT infrastructure is an evolving risk exposure.

In traditional IT, everything resided inside a corporate network (which in many cases constituted a physical location); no access to resources outside of the network, and credentials were managed by IT. Now, to keep up with demands of fast-paced business most businesses in Denver employ a mobile workforce, that is more agile. Productivity is king! This means many corporate resources are protected only by the end users password. Fluffy1! isn’t going to cut it anymore when it comes to password security! Read below to find out some of today’s beat practices:

web-cniEasy Password Security
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Advantages of Cloud Computing For Small Business

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Advantages of Cloud Services For Small Businesses

Cloud computing is no longer a trend; it is, in many ways, a standard amongst Denver’s IT focused businesses. Cloud computing plays a role in businesses of all size – especially small businesses. The lowering costs and ease of management gives you the capability to revolutionize the working style of smaller business. The main benefits of cloud computing are:

  • Business Continuity
  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Security

Since small business and start-up owners are mostly pressed by a cash-constraint, the service offers a convenient and effective measure to deal with data and information. Cloud computing continues evolving

web-cniAdvantages of Cloud Computing For Small Business
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