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Easy Password Security

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Many (if not most) business are operating from the cloud in some ways. The benefits of cloud computing are great and are mobilizing a work force and revolutionizing IT. The downside to the erosion of the traditional IT infrastructure is an evolving risk exposure.

In traditional IT, everything resided inside a corporate network (which in many cases constituted a physical location); no access to resources outside of the network, and credentials were managed by IT. Now, to keep up with demands of fast-paced business most businesses in Denver employ a mobile workforce, that is more agile. Productivity is king! This means many corporate resources are protected only by the end users password. Fluffy1! isn’t going to cut it anymore when it comes to password security! Read below to find out some of today’s beat practices:

Easy Tips For Password Security

For those of you who use the same password for multiple sites or have a “go-to” password. Lets talk..

  1. Password Complexity – Everyone needs to start by strengthening simple passwords. Simple passwords are easy to crack, try out the strength of your password here – 
    • Try doubling your password. “Fluffy!” would take a computer about 3 mins to crack “Fluffy!Fluffy!” takes 29 million years
    • Try phrases that are easy to remember. “ILikeMyDogFluffy!” would take a computer 9 trillion years to crack
    • Use logical special characters. (that are not just an exclamation point at the end) – Think about spaces, commas, ampersands, and periods.  “I Like My Dog Fluffy!” would take a computer 33 Sextillion years to crack
    • Think about a password generator. There are many tools that will help you come up with a complex password. Here is a fun one 🙂  – 
  2. Varied Passwords – Try to use different passwords for different sites. In the event one of your credentials are compromised (through a key-logger, phishing attack, or data  breach) you don’t want the hackers to have your password to everything.
    • Try appending a password with something logical. “Fluffy! – Shop” for an online shopping sit
  3. Password Keeper – Now that you have varied and complex passwords, please do not store these on sticky notes, outlook contacts / notes, or a spreadsheet on your computer. You will need a tool to keep these straight. A password keeper will help you! Apple provides one on all of their mac devices, and CNI suggests Lastpass, Dashlane, and 1password. There are free accounts and paid accounts  as well as corporate accounts for sharing.
  4. Dual Authentication – When there is an option, enable dual authentication. Dual authentication will prevent someone from accessing your account even if they have your credentials since they will also need a token on your cell phone.

Disclaimer – Take Control Of Your Own Online Security

These tips above are meant to be easy to understand, but they don’t reflect every best practice for risk mitigation. Also we are in a changing landscape of evolving threats. Ensure you are working hard to keep yourself, your family and your company safe online. If you want additional help or consultation – contact CNI.

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